How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Windows 10

Quick Answer: To turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10, go to:

Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options > Pointer Options tab > Uncheck Enhance pointer precision > Click Apply and then OK

This will disable mouse acceleration and provide you with more accurate control over your mouse movements.

If you’re a gamer, graphic designer, or simply someone who requires more precision when using your mouse, turning off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 might be just what you need. 

Mouse acceleration is a feature that adjusts the speed of your mouse pointer based on the speed of your physical mouse movements. 

Although this feature can be helpful in certain situations, it may also interfere with your ability to make accurate and precise movements in various applications or games. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10, enhancing your computing experience.

Understanding Mouse Acceleration

Mouse acceleration is a setting that modifies the speed of your cursor in relation to how quickly you move your mouse. 

When enabled, it allows the cursor to cover more screen distance when you move your mouse faster. 

While this feature can be useful for quick navigation, it can also cause imprecise movements when precision is essential, such as during gaming or design work.

Preparing to Disable Mouse Acceleration

Before you disable mouse acceleration, make sure your computer is running Windows 10 and has the latest updates installed. 

It’s also a good idea to back up important files and settings before making any changes to your system.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Start button and select the Settings gear icon or press the Windows + I shortcut on your keyboard to open the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings app, click on Devices and then select Mouse from the list on the left side of the window.
  3. Scroll down in the Mouse settings until you find Additional mouse options and click on it. This will open the Mouse Properties dialog box.
  4. In the Mouse Properties dialog box, click on the Pointer Options tab at the top.
  5. Under the Motion section, you’ll find a checkbox labeled Enhance pointer precision. Uncheck this box to disable mouse acceleration.
  6. After unchecking the box, click Apply at the bottom of the window and then click OK to save your changes and close the Mouse Properties dialog.

Testing and Verifying Changes

Once you’ve completed the steps above, it’s a good idea to test your mouse responsiveness in various applications to ensure that the changes have taken effect. 

You may also need to adjust your mouse sensitivity settings to find the perfect balance for your needs. If you’re a gamer, make sure that mouse acceleration is disabled in your game settings as well.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you followed the steps above and still find that mouse acceleration is enabled or your mouse isn’t responding correctly after disabling acceleration, you may need to look into some troubleshooting options. 

You can try restarting your computer, updating your mouse drivers, or restoring your previous settings if necessary.

Alternative Methods to Disable Mouse Acceleration

In some cases, you might need to use alternative methods to disable mouse acceleration, such as using the registry editor or third-party software solutions. 

However, these options should only be considered if the standard method outlined above doesn’t work, as they may involve more advanced techniques and potential risks.

To Summarize

Turning off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 is a simple and effective way to gain more control and precision when using your mouse. 

This guide has provided you with detailed steps to achieve this customization, making your computing experience more personalized and enjoyable. 

By disabling mouse acceleration, you’ll notice an improvement in your ability to make precise movements in various applications and games, especially if you’re a gamer or graphic designer.

Remember to test your changes and adjust your mouse sensitivity settings as needed to find the perfect balance for your preferences.

Now that you know how to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10, take the time to explore other settings and features within the operating system that can help you personalize your computer and optimize its performance. 

Windows 10 offers a wealth of options to customize your experience, so don’t hesitate to dive in and discover what works best for you!

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